Volume No. 1

Journal of Legal and Political Studies

First year, Issue No 01, September 2013.

Legal Studies Researches:

 1- The issue of Protecting the owner of a Draft (Legislation) Thought, by Prof. Muhamad Sulaiman Al-Ahmed.
 2- Damages from Environment Pollution- the Applicable Law, by Dr. Muhamad Jalal Atrushi.
 3- The Legal Organization of Devotion for Union Labor- An Analysis Study at the Jordanian Labor Law, by Dr. Haitham Hamd Al-msawra.
 4- Interrogation as a Political Oversight in Iraqi Constitution of 2005- an Analysis Comparative Study, bu Dr. Shorsh H. Omer & Dr. Dana A. Saeed.
 5- A Critical Reading of Anti- Domestic Violence Law- Kurdistan Region of Iraq, by Dr. Sardar A. Aziz.
 6- The Faculty of Legal Rule and State with Lyon Duguit, by Dr. Zana R. Hama Kareem.
 7- Non- Jurisdiction and consequences, By Dr. Sarkawt E. Hussein.
 8- Endorsement of a bill of exchange's Date between voluntary and requirement, by Dr. Adnan B. Latif.
 9- Minority Rights in Turkish Constitutions and Future Developments Trends, by Dr. Yusif S. Lutf-Allah.
 10- The Distribution of Responsibility and Guarantee and their rules in Iraqi Civil Code, by Dr. Bamo P. Aldalwi & Dr. Esmail N. Hussein.
11- The Legal Regulations of Victim Compliant in the Iraqi Law, by Dr. Muhamad R. Hassan.

Political Studies Researches:

 1- The Three Authorities in Germans Basic Law, by Asst. Prof. Ehsan A. Salman.
 2- Esmatt Sharif Wanli's Strategic View on the Solution to the Kurdish Case, by Dr. Aram A. Mustaffa & Abdulrahman K. Darwesh.